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Apartment Living for Seniors in Las Vegas

October 3, 2023

Apartment Living


We all have different needs in different stages of life. For seniors, one of those needs is often finding the perfect living situation that caters to their comfort, social engagement, and convenience. 

Ovation’s senior apartments in Las Vegas stand out as an example of a well-rounded living space tailored to meet the needs and desires of its senior residents. 

What are senior apartments?

Senior apartments are thoughtfully designed residential communities that cater exclusively to the 55 and older crowd. They offer an environment where seniors can enjoy an independent and active lifestyle while being surrounded by like-minded peers. 

Unlike conventional housing, 55 and older apartments provide a unique setting where seniors can flourish. They offer a comprehensive living experience prioritizing community, comfort, and security. This often includes amenities like gated access, easy-to-navigate layouts, and community centers. 

How old do you have to be to live in a senior community?

To qualify for residency in a senior community, people typically must be at least 55. This age requirement ensures that residents enter an environment where their unique needs and preferences are understood and catered to. 

At this stage in life, many people are ready to leave behind the burdens of owning a home and opt for a more social living situation. Senior apartments offer that seamless transition, allowing residents to enjoy retirement without the hassles of home maintenance. It also gives them the ability to socialize with like-minded retirees.

Why choose Ovation’s Capriccio?

Capriccio sets itself apart as a premier senior location in the heart of Las Vegas. Our apartment community offers a range of unit layouts to suit your individual preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cozy one-bedroom or a more spacious two-bedroom layout, you’ll find it here. But in case you’re wondering why you should choose Capriccio over your other senior community options, here are just a few:

  • Lifestyle amenities: Capriccio offers an impressive array of amenities designed to enhance our senior residents’ lifestyle. You can stay active in the fitness center, relax by the pool, or play a friendly game of pool in the game room.
  • Social engagement: At Capriccio, we also understand the importance of social connections for many seniors. We offer community spaces where residents can mingle and participate in social activities. The clubhouse serves as a hub for interaction and is one of our residents’ favorite spaces. 
  • Convenience: Capriccio offers modern conveniences such as in-unit washer and dryer setups, pet-friendly accommodations, and controlled community access
  • Proximity to Las Vegas attractions: While Capriccio provides a serene and private living environment, it’s also conveniently located near the exciting attractions of Las Vegas. Residents can easily explore the city’s entertainment, dining, and cultural attractions whenever they’d like.
  • Tailored for seniors: An apartment for seniors should be designed with convenience and functionality. Ovation understands these specific needs and tailors our amenities and environment to this age group.
  • Landscaping: Imagine being surrounded by beautiful landscaping you don’t have to maintain. At Capriccio, we pride ourselves on making the surroundings beautiful for our residents. 

Find out if senior living is right for you

The community room at Ovation’s Capriccio.

Capriccio will exceed your expectations of senior apartment communities. We offer a lifestyle rather than just a living space. We’re committed to providing our residents with a sense of community, comfort, and luxury.

Choosing Capriccio means embracing an opportunity for new experiences and a fun new chapter in your life. To explore your possibilities and learn more about us, visit our website or give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you what you’re missing!

Ready to upgrade your senior living experience? Find your next apartment in Las Vegas. See what Ovation’s Capriccio has to offer.