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Guide for Downsizing From a House to an Apartment

February 28, 2024

Apartment Living


Are you looking for a helpful guide to downsizing when moving from a house to an apartment in Las Vegas? Ovation Properties is here for you. Our experts can help you downsize your life so you can enjoy the beauty of Las Vegas living without feeling burdened by your belongings or the move. 

Downsizing and moving do not have to be stressful experiences, especially if you’re looking at Las Vegas apartments. Our downsizing and moving to an apartment guide can help make your transition from a home to an apartment easy. 

Whether you’ve already signed your lease at one of our amazing properties or are still looking to find your perfect luxury apartment, our team is here to help. Get in touch to speak with a team member about finding your next apartment in Las Vegas.

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How do I downsize my house to an apartment?

Moving can be a headache, and when you’re trying to downsize and move at the same time, it can be downright frustrating. The best way to ensure things don’t get out of hand or become overwhelming is to plan how you want your move to look and how you intend to downsize along the way. 

Start your planning early

Are you in the planning phase of selling your home and looking for a new one or have you already locked in a new apartment? Where you are in the process will determine the rest of your downsizing and moving plan. For example, if you have already sold your home but your new apartment is not ready, you’ll need to plan for things like storing your belongings until your apartment is ready.

No matter your circumstances, always start your planning process early — at least three to four months before you hope to move. Planning early will allow you to navigate the housing market to position yourself to sell at the best time and lock in a competitive lease on your new apartment.

Starting early also gives you enough time to save up a comfortable emergency fund in the event you encounter unexpected costs during the move-out/move-in process. 

Simplify your plan into the following components, and it will be easier to tackle your downsizing and move: 

  1. Begin downsizing way before you sell your home or sign your new apartment lease 
  2. List your home for sale 
  3. Start the apartment shopping 
  4. Work with agents to line up the sale of your home and new lease agreement 
  5. Press the gas on downsizing 
  6. Plan your move

What is the best way to downsize when moving to an apartment? 

Planning a downsizing and a move will look different for everyone. So don’t feel you have to do it a certain way or follow certain rules. However, a plan in place that has some, if not all, of the components we are going to discuss here can help simplify and ease the process.

Downsizing will be one of your biggest hurdles when moving from a house to an apartment. Here are some helpful tips:

Take inventory of what you own

Begin the downsizing process by taking inventory of what you currently own. The physical act of taking stock of what you already own can help alleviate the mental burden of what can feel like an overwhelming task. 

The easiest way to take inventory of your belongings is to create a list of the different rooms in your house and all the items in each room. Lump small items like kitchen utensils and pots and pans together, but be sure to label all your large furniture pieces, such as bed sets, couches, TV stands, tables, etc. 

Decide what you want to keep 

Whether you have an apartment already lined up or are still in the process of finding a home, the sooner you decide what items to keep, the sooner it will be for you during your moving process. 

As you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, consider things like the practicality of the item, the cost, and effort it will take to move it, and whether it is something that you will actually use or “brings you joy” as the famed Marie Kondo would say. 

Sell or donate belongings that are no longer practical 

During the downsizing process, you’ll likely be surprised to find how many items you have that you no longer use, want, or have a practical need for. Selling belongings online that you no longer want can be a great way to generate some extra cash. This is especially true for large furniture pieces like dining room tables and living room and bedroom sets. 

If you have clothing, linens, toys, and other small but space-consuming items, donating your belongings to local thrift shops, churches, or community organization funds can be a great way to offload them. 

Take note of your storage needs 

You’ll have to make some tough decisions on which of your larger belongings, like furniture, to keep and which to say goodbye to. The easiest way to do this is by thinking logically. If you’re moving into a one-bedroom home but have three-bed sets, you’ll need to decide on only one to keep. You can always keep your belongings in a storage unit, but as someone who’s downsizing, chances are it would be in your best financial interest to sell your surplus furniture as opposed to paying to keep it in storage. 

If you know your downsize will only be temporary, purchasing a storage unit to house most of your belongings would make sense. Consider your unique situation and make the best decision for your short-term and long-term plans.

Moving is made easy with proper planning

woman looking at paper near packing boxes

Downsizing when moving does not have to be stressful. Proper planning is the key to any move. As you plan your move to a luxury apartment in Las Vegas, turn to the experts at Ovation for guidance you can count on. 

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