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The interior to an Ovation property living room, with a couch, orange chairs, a coffee table, and dining room table.

A Guide to Furnishing and Decorating Your Las Vegas Apartment on a Budget

September 28, 2023

Apartment Living

The interior to an Ovation property living room, with a couch, orange chairs, a coffee table, and dining room table.

You’ve finally found the perfect Las Vegas apartment, congratulations! Your mind is likely filled with exciting visions of how you want your new place to look.

But how can you create your dream space without breaking the bank?

With careful planning, a keen eye for deals, and a dash of creativity, furnishing an apartment on a budget is not only achievable but also fun. This guide will offer practical advice and innovative solutions to help you create a beautiful and comfortable living space on a budget.

1. Start with a budget

Many people budget as the last step of a project, so they end up overspending. To avoid this trap, start by creating a budget for your entire apartment furnishing and decorating project.

Don’t think of your budget as a limitation. Instead, use the financial constraints as a way to get creative and get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Here are a few steps to consider when creating your budget:

  • Make a list of must-haves for your apartment. Items like furniture, appliances, and decor should be a top priority.
  • Research prices for each item to get an idea of how much you will need to spend
  • Set your financial limits and check the total cost of all items on the list
  • Adjust the budget as necessary to accommodate any additional costs

2. Make a big impression with a bold paint job

One of the easiest ways to make a statement and give your apartment an instant facelift is to invest in a new paint job. This may seem like an expensive and time-consuming task, but you can greatly simplify the job by just painting one accent wall.

Looking to save some serious money on the paint? In Las Vegas, you can find great deals on paint and supplies at local hardware and home improvement stores. Simply ask them if there are any gallons that are on sale.

There are often pre-mixed gallons that don’t quite match the color intended and are marked down significantly. With a little creative vision, you can find the perfect color for your accent wall.

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3. Head to the thrift stores

Are you wondering how to decorate an apartment on a budget when you need a ton of new items? We’ve got answers.

Not only do thrift stores offer endless items for apartment decorating on a budget, but you can often find one-of-a-kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are a few pointers for shopping the thrift stores:

  • Visit frequently, as items come in and out quickly
  • Keep an eye out for weekly or holiday sales for an even deeper discount
  • Go to bigger thrift stores for more furniture options
  • Donate anything you don’t need for your new apartment so others can find gems for their home

You can expect savings between 30% and 90%, so don’t underestimate this thrifty option!

4. Refinish furniture to match your apartment

If you have some furniture pieces that need a spruce up, refinishing them is an inexpensive way to give them a new look. With just a few basic tools and supplies from your local hardware store, you can transform any piece of furniture to fit your decorating style.

Sanding the surfaces of the furniture will help remove old coatings like paint or varnish and make the surfaces easier to work with. Wooden furniture can be painted, stained, waxed, or you can use polyurethane for a beautiful finish.

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5. Make your own artwork

Who says you need to be Picasso to make attractive artwork? With the right supplies and a bit of creativity, you can easily create stunning wall art pieces for your apartment.

For example, you can turn photos or postcards into art by framing them in inexpensive frames from a craft store or reuse existing furniture hardware to frame your favorite images. You can also use a canvas panel and add small decorations, such as vintage jewelry or buttons. And don’t forget to add color with paints and markers.

The options for wall art are endless, so find a project that matches your personal style and the theme of your apartment.

6. Utilize multi-purpose items in your apartment

The key to furnishing an apartment on a budget is to buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, if you have limited space in your living room, a storage ottoman can be used for seating and storage.

An entryway table with shelves or drawers is another great multi-purpose item that can also be used as a nightstand in the bedroom.

And let’s not forget about room dividers — they come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for adding texture to any space without taking up too much room.

7. Focus on window dressings for a big impact

Let’s be honest, furniture and decor are expensive. To make a big style statement with the furnishing, you may need to invest thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars into decorating.

Fortunately, you can easily and inexpensively create a beautiful look in any room with the right window dressings.

Ready-made options are available at major home stores, or you can always go the custom route and sew your own.

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A private entry to an Ovation property.

Now that you know how to furnish an apartment on a budget, you can create a comfortable and stylish apartment that reflects your personal tastes, without breaking the bank.

And if you haven’t found your perfect Las Vegas apartment yet, be sure to check out the beautiful and luxurious apartments available at Ovation.

With spacious floor plans, modern amenities, and an unbeatable location in the heart of Las Vegas, you’ll find everything you need for your perfect home base.