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Which Apartment Floor Plan Is Right For Me?

December 12, 2022

Apartment Living


Being on the lookout for a new apartment is one of the most exciting—and simultaneously frustrating—things you can do. You will have to consider the area you want to live in as well as your apartment’s proximity to schools and stores. Once you’ve chosen a good apartment community, you’ll also have to figure out which floor plan works best for you. If you find yourself scratching your head while clicking among different floor plans, we are happy to lend a little guidance. Be sure to ask yourself these questions before picking your apartment. 





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What types of apartment floor plans are there?

Before you decide which floor plan is best for your budget and lifestyle, it’s a good idea to explore the different types of layouts that are available. After looking at the different kinds of floor plans, it could make it easier to choose one that suits your needs. Here are the common types of floor plans you will most likely see when searching for an apartment.

1. Studio Apartment

A studio apartment refers to one that is generally more compact in space and with no separate rooms. There is no division between functional areas in the apartment, with the exception of the bathroom. In other words, a studio is one room that contains all living areas within that space, such as the sleeping and dining areas and the kitchen.




Although a studio may be smaller than other floor plans, it can also be incredibly comfortable for the right person. You can find a luxury studio apartment that is affordable, versatile, and perfect for single people, couples, and young professionals.

2. Alcove Studio Apartment

An alcove apartment is similar to a studio in that it only has one general room for all living functions. However, there is more separation in an alcove, with either a partial wall or an L-shape setup that allows residents to divide the space as needed. Most people will choose to use the separated space as their sleeping area.




Much like studios, these apartments are ideal for individuals or couples who don’t need much space or defined rooms. They are often more affordable than one-bedroom apartments and can even appear more spacious.

3. Loft Apartment

A loft apartment consists of a large, open floor plan with different levels within that space. Like studio apartment layouts, there is one main room where everything is located. The difference is there’s an elevated part where you can have your sleeping area separate from the rest of the living space. Most loft apartments are set up to access the elevated area with stairs or a ladder.




People who prefer to live in loft apartments tend to be urban professionals or people who want to optimize the use of their living space.

4. 1-Bedroom Apartment

1-bedroom floor plans have a kitchen and living area that share an open space, with one separate room for sleeping. There are many layouts for a one-bedroom apartment, but they all have a room that is divided from the other living areas by a wall and door. For example, Ovation offers the Capri one-bedroom and the Tramonti one-bedroom floor plans with the bedroom either across from the kitchen or the bathroom.




These floorplans are ideal for individuals and couples who want to keep their sleeping area separate and hidden from the other parts of the home. Entertaining is much easier with a one-bedroom apartment, as well as doing activities in the home without disturbing your partner in the other room.

5. 2-Bedroom Apartment

2-bedroom floor plans offer even more space and separate living quarters to accommodate more people. Typically with these layouts, there will be a master bedroom, which is bigger, and a smaller bedroom for kids or guests. Some people also choose to use the second bedroom as an office. If you need more room for your family, roommates, or guests or would like a private office area, a two-bedroom floor plan is a good choice.




If the two-bedroom floor plan also includes two bathrooms, the master bedroom will be connected to it with a private entrance from the bedroom. An example of a two-bedroom layout is the Roubaix two-bedroom floor plan offered by Ovation. It has one spacious bathroom that is separate from both bedrooms. Ovation’s Lacoste floor plan has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the larger bathroom connected to the master bedroom.

6. 3-Bedroom Apartment

3-bedroom designs are not as common as one- and two-bedroom floor plans, but you can find them in many luxury apartment communities. You get more square footage in the apartment with the added bonus of an extra bedroom. These floor plans usually have two bathrooms, with one being attached to the master bedroom. Three-bedroom floor plans are best for families, groups with multiple roommates, or people who invite guests to stay with them often.




Ovation has multiple three-bedroom layouts, including the Toulouse floor plan and Jasmine floor plan, that optimize the space for a warm and inviting home.

7. Railroad Apartment

A railroad layout is another type of floor plan you may see while looking for an apartment. As the name might suggest, a railroad apartment is laid out like passenger train cars, with a series of rooms lined up in a row and connected by doors. The rooms run together without a hallway space leading into each one. You often see this floor plan in California’s Bay Area or New York City. While it is a unique layout, having to walk through other rooms to get to the next isn’t the best option for everyone.

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Will everyone have enough space? 

Looking for the perfect apartment is always a battle between the price you’re willing to pay in rent and the amount of space you’ll be able to live with. If you’re living alone, your decisions will be a little easier. You’ll probably want a one-bedroom unless you need extra space for something like a guest room or a home office. If you have roommates or a family, you’ll need to take their needs into account as well. On one hand, you’ll want everyone to be comfortable, but on the other hand, you won’t want to pay for space you won’t use. You must also consider the possibility of your family size increasing in the future. Have an honest talk with the others who will live with you to see how everyone feels. 

Is there room for your furnishings? 

Another thing you’ll need to consider is whether any furniture you have will fit in the floor plans you’re considering. Some floor plans will include measurements so you can figure out if your bed or sofa will fit in the rooms. If you don’t see these measurements in the floor plans, ask a community manager, who may be able to give you more precise information about the sizes of the rooms. It might not be a bad idea to print off the floor plan and draw your furnishings in to size, just to be sure they will fit comfortably. Of course, if you’re looking for a fresh start, you could consider trading your old furniture for new furniture that better fits your potential floor plan. 

Does it have the extras you want? 

When choosing the right floor plan, it’s not all about the space. The odds are that there will be a few other things that factor into your decision. For instance, are you looking for a floor plan that includes a kitchen island or one that has a patio? Will it be a dealbreaker if a floor plan doesn’t include them? Remember that these extras might seal the deal, but the higher the bar you set, the more difficult it will be to find the right floor plan for you. You may have to make a compromise somewhere, so choose based on the interests of you and the people you’ll be living with. 




Even if you choose a floor plan that doesn’t include one of these amenities, you’ll be likely to fall in love with your home regardless. Naturally, a floor plan isn’t going to give you the whole picture of an apartment. While it should be a solid factor in your decision for a new home, check out pictures and 3D walkthroughs of the apartments you’re looking at, if possible. If you have time, scope out the area for yourself, or even see if you can schedule a tour. Seeing an apartment in person, you’ll be better able to visualize your new life in it.  

Finding the Las Vegas apartments

Deciding on a place to live can be one of the most important decisions you make, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can start by searching for ‘rooms for rent near me.’ There is a lot of information available that can help you plan, organize, and streamline your search. Check out the basics on getting started, and don’t forget to include Ovation in your search. We offer a variety of locations, communities, and floor plans throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and North Las Vegas to fit any need and are independently verified.





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