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Zen Interior Design on a Budget

July 21, 2022

Apartment Living


Historically and culturally Zen is a school of traditional Buddhism that is, in modern times, associated with medieval Japanese culture (tea ceremonies, ink paintings, zen gardens, etc.). For contemporary interiors, creating a zen space is about creating a feeling reminiscent of the goals of practicing Zen Buddhism. 

Tips for Transforming Your Home Into a Peaceful Oasis

Spiritual awakenings, comfort, calm, and tranquility are just a few descriptors that comprise the goal of zen decorating in modern spaces. Following these simple tips can transform your home into a peaceful and beautiful getaway.

What does a zen space look and feel like?

Crafting a space that not only looks but feels zen can be up to your discretion, as many people might disagree on what a western version of zen space should look or feel. Read on to find general western-influenced tips on how to evoke the idea and feeling of zen, rather than a traditional zen practice.




When creating a space that encompasses peace and zen, you might need to do some preemptive work before getting into the fun stuff. Spaces that evoke a sense of calm and zen are typically free of clutter, use natural colors and materials, are intentionally functional, and evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort. Creating a zen space is the perfect excuse to remove the junk you don’t need.




Tips for creating a zen space in your home

Wanting to create a space of personal relaxation and tranquility in your home? Following these few tips and tricks will have you feeling refreshed and at peace in your home in no time at all. 

1. Reduce the Clutter

Organized bathroom vanity drawers

One of the best tips for creating a zen-style living space is to reduce as much clutter as possible. Not only is this a great excuse to tidy up, but reducing the clutter in your house can put your mind at rest when you arrive home to a clean and tidy abode. 




When you clear clutter from your home, aim to keep only things that have practical use or bring you emotional joy. Downsizing your belongings to objects that ultimately make you happy at the end of the day is a great way to create comfort and happiness in your new zen life. The goal is to keep spaces open, functional, and free from excess.

2. Add Elements of Nature

Imbuing your zen home with elements of nature will add to the sense of a peaceful zen room. Try adding houseplants that add a touch of green nature to each room. Houseplants that evoke a sense of zen style can take the form of:

  • Orchids

  • Bamboo

  • Money trees

  • Bonsai trees

Not only are these houseplants an excellent idea for a zen room, but they also need little to no care. If you’re not big on houseplants or trying to keep them alive, decorating with pops of green or natural colors will give a similar effect. 

3. Bring in More Light

Apartment bedroom with natural light

If you have ever walked into a zen-like home or a spa, you might have noticed how bright and inviting the space looks, and natural lighting is partially to thank for that inviting atmosphere. This atmosphere is possible to recreate when utilizing lighting in a living space. Well-lit spaces are warm, inviting, and generally draw people in to explore or experience the surroundings. 




Adding additional light to your home is easy and can be done in several ways. Here are some of the best ways to add and utilize light in your zen space:

  • Swap out dark curtains for light and gauzy curtains that let more light into your home.

  • Place mirrors on the wall opposite a window that gets great natural light. This will not only make the space appear more open but reflect more light throughout the room.

  • Design the layout of rooms with lots of natural light by creating zen spaces where the light hits the room perfectly.

4. Opt for a Natural Color Palette

The colors of your couch cushions and walls can affect the overall feeling and mood of your spaces. When creating your zen space you should opt for zen colors that bring out feelings of security and comfort. When picking out colors choosing natural colors will be your best plan of action when painting your walls or picking out interior decorations. 




Here are some recommended colors for creating a zen space:

  • Light browns

  • Off-whites

  • Light blues

  • Light pinks

5. Appeal to the Senses

Apartment living room

Another important tip for creating a lush and relaxing zen house will be to activate all of the senses so that you can engage with a tranquil space. You can change your home in many ways to look or appear zen and beautiful. However, adding zen elements that interact with your senses will create an immersive and calm experience for everyone that enters your zen home.




Easy ways to attune your senses to a place of zen in your home include:

  • Adding an essential oil diffuser in a calming scent such as lavender or eucalyptus.

  • Decorate with rugs or furnishings that have natural and defined textures that imitate the outside world.

  • Choose furniture and decorations that are made from natural materials such as wood, stone, or bamboo.

  • Create stunning visual interactions with calm and stoic bamboo plants or gorgeous and alluring orchid plants.

Whether you’re creating a zen office decor, zen bedroom, or crafting an entire zen-style home, these tips will make quick work of achieving the perfect tranquil atmosphere that you’re searching for. There are so many ways to create zen moments in your life whether living on a large budget or looking for cheap living room decor. Zen-style spaces use minimal physical items to create a large presence of peace and calm. With these tips, you will soon be basking in a paradise all to yourself. 

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