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What Is Hollywood Regency Style?

May 27, 2022


You’re probably familiar with Mid-century interior design. The clean and simple aesthetic has been favored for years as the prevailing way to display modern-chic sophistication in the home or office. However, another 20th-century design is making its own comeback—and it couldn’t be any more different.




Hollywood Regency style celebrates all the ornate and polished glamour of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, starting in the 1920s and through the 1940s. Here’s everything you need to know about this decadent style and tips to get the look in your own home from interior design experts.




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History of Hollywood Regency Style

Hollywood Regency style, also known as Hollywood Glam style, has a deep-rooted history in Southern California when the silver screen was king.




“[Hollywood Regency style] was when the film designers built over-the-top dream interiors for the screen that would look great on camera, paying particular attention to detail, color, texture, composition, and finishes,” explains Marco Bizzley, a certified interior designer and consultant at HouseGrail.




During this time, everything was designed to appeal to the camera. From textured fabrics to vibrant colors and contrasting patterns to metallic finishes, everywhere you look should have an element of opulence and luxury. As time went on, many actors and actresses of the day began to incorporate these on-screen elements into their own private spaces.




“Producers and directors wanted to bring more glamour and star power to the films, so they decorated them with serious opulence. Then, some of the biggest stars from that era, like Joan Crawford, fell in love with it and used it for their homes,” notes Aaron Lebowski, consultant, and interior designer at Juliei Salone.




Dawn Gepfert of Dawn P. Gepfert Design dives a little deeper into the history of the style. “The style is defined as affluent and the ultimate sophistication using restrained minimalism with classic architectural forms. It relied most heavily on ancient Greek and Roman architecture and motifs,” she adds.

Key Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Style

It’s easy to think of Hollywood Regency as being overly ornate. However, there is also an element of subtlety and balance to everything.




“Hollywood Regency style is all about creating a luxurious and glamourous look,” shares David Mason, interior designer and owner of The Knobs Company. “This style is often thought of as being very opulent and over-the-top, but it can actually be quite versatile.”




“Some key elements that really define this style include mirrored items, metallic accent pieces, lacquered furniture pieces, polished stone, velvet, fur, lucite, and bold, rich-toned upholstery, says Megan Dufresne, principal designer at MC Design. Other signature elements include:

  • Focus on luxurious, comfortable, glamorous interiors

  • Plush fabrics and textures, including faux fur, velvet, and silks

  • Mirrors, metallics, and polished finishes

  • Glossy surfaces on furniture and fixtures

  • A mixture of layered minimalistic elements

  • A focus on accessories and decorative objects

  • Wall treatments, wallpaper, and heavy prints

  • Smaller furniture with curves and embellishments

  • Black and white signature pieces to contrast vivid colors

Lily Willi, founder and designer at Ever Wallpaper, adds, “Hollywood Regency Era style revolves around attention to detail, texture, color, and finishes.”




Overall, the idea is luxury and comfort that isn’t afraid to be bold. Take your personal aesthetic and mix it with the elegant elements that make up the vibrant Hollywood Regency style to really make it your own.




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Hollywood Regency Expert Tips

If you’re like the rest of us and have fallen in love with the unapologetic glamour of the Hollywood Regency style, here are a few tips and tricks to upgrade your interior from Kate Diaz, interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Den:




1. Start with an eclectic mix of furniture pieces. Mix modern and traditional, sleek and ornate styles to create a unique look.




2. Add mirrored surfaces to reflect the light and give the space a more glamorous feel.




3. Incorporate gilded finishes, such as gold leaf or metallics, to add a touch of luxury.




4. Create bold statements with patterns and colors. Use wallpaper, fabrics, or paint to make a statement in the space.




5. Finish the look with eye-catching lighting fixtures. Choose chandeliers, floor lamps, or table lamps with unique details.




If you’re on a budget, you don’t always have to go big to incorporate this style into your home. “Large furniture pieces are not required in the Hollywood Regency design style, so it really comes down to small accessories and details to add a sense of glamour,” explains Stefan Bucur, interior design expert and owner and founder of Rhythm of the Home.




Peter Emmanual Rossi, interior designer and founder of ByRossi, adds, “To get a luxurious look in any space, your most important concern should be to make the room look much more spacious than it actually is.” He goes on to say, “The best item for this job is a mirror. Mirrors have the innate ability to give any place a spacious look.”




Also, don’t be afraid to go vintage rather than purchasing all new pieces. “Don’t use a matching furniture set,” Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer for Trendey, explains. “Instead, curate pieces that make a statement. They should have an eclectic appeal but also look elegant, like a vintage collector piece.”

Examples of Hollywood Regency Style

Here are some examples of this timeless design for a little inspiration in your own home.

Gold table between green armchair and bed in sophisticated red bedroom interior with mirror

1. Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom

“Go for gold and gilded accents, and do not be afraid to mix it with hot pink, emerald green, and turquoise,” Willi suggests.

Modern interior of living room with blue corner sofa, coffee tables, floor lamp 3d rendering

2. Hollywood Regency Style Living Room

“Some key elements of Hollywood Regency Style include eclectic furniture, mirrored surfaces, gilded finishes, bold patterns, and statement lighting,” Diaz notes.

Modern interior design of grey gold dining room with side console and wooden slabs wall, dark and moody night scene, 3d rendering

3. Hollywood Regency Style Dining Room

“Though it coincided with Art Deco, Hollywood Regency has the cheeky eclectism that communicates lavishness and glamour without seriousness or stuffiness,” explains Willi.

A glam white bathroom done with white luxurious marble tiles and golden details.

4. Hollywood Regency Style Bathroom

“One of the easiest rooms to get this look to work in, paradoxically, is a bathroom,” Todd Saunders, CEO of FlooringStores, shares. “Marble and tile make a lot of sense in these spaces, and you can really make the gold fixtures pop in a smaller space.”

Get the Look in Your Las Vegas Luxury Apartment

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