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What Are Senior Living Apartments?

April 15, 2022

Apartment Living

Many people may have misconceptions about senior living apartments. The truth is senior living can be incredibly flexible and exciting. Active senior communities are perfect for individuals who enjoy independence and the excitement of communal living but also appreciate accessibility and safety designed for seniors.  




So, what is senior living, and how do senior apartments work? Discover all the aspects of senior living here.

What Are Apartments for Senior Living?

Apartments for senior living are similar to regular apartments with some key differences that are more appealing and beneficial to seniors. These apartments are built for seniors seeking to continue an active lifestyle and enjoy a sense of community and connection.




Another difference between regular apartments versus apartments for senior living is amenities designed specifically with seniors in mind. They often provide housekeeping services, communal dining and events, and activities for senior residents. Also, senior living communities are often cost-effective and built for accessibility.




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Regular Apartments vs Senior Living Apartments – What’s the Difference?

In comparison to traditional apartments, senior apartments are intentionally designed to accommodate seniors seeking a comfortable and active lifestyle. In addition to providing simplicity and a sense of community, apartments come in a variety of different styles and options and generally offer a more affordable cost of living. 




Apartments for seniors also offer more safety and accessibility features to encourage activity and community. Depending on the location, apartments in a senior community may also provide a variety of different features, including:

  • Concierge services

  • Creative communal spaces

  • Rooms for entertainment

  • Pools

  • Saunas

  • Library

  • Business Center

What Are the Benefits of Senior Apartments?

There are several benefits of senior apartments. The two most significant benefits are independence through accessibility and a sense of community. In addition, senior apartments usually offer units of different sizes, accessible walk-in showers, communal outdoor and indoor spaces, access to cultural events, and many similar opportunities.




Also, senior apartments often have qualification requirements for who can live in the community. There is usually an age limit for residents. For example, the primary resident in the apartments must be 55 or older. This ensures that residents build a community with like-minded individuals who may share similar interests, values, and priorities.

What Are the Types of Amenities Offered in Senior Apartments?

Amenities will vary from complex to complex and whether the facility is on the affordable or luxury end of senior apartment living. Generally, the amenities found in senior living apartments may include:

  • Options for studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments
  • Fitness classes
  • Community entertainment and dining areas
  • Creative workspaces and classes
  • Comfortable climate control
  • Easy and accessible living quarters
  • Spacious walk-in showers with accessible features
  • Safety systems such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems
  • Optional fully furnished units
  • Assistance with housekeeping, laundry, and cooking
  • Transportation options
  • Holiday celebrations and religious or spiritual observances

Who Lives in Senior Apartment Communities?

Seniors experience life events that can create a need to make a change in their living situations in order to continue their lifestyles. The benefits of senior living communities allow flexibility to seniors who:

  • Have lost a spouse

  • Need to downsize their living space

  • Want a sense of community

  • Have a safe and accessible living environment

  • Want more freedom to travel

  • Don’t want to continue the upkeep associated with homeownership

  • Need a cost-effective living situation

Seniors seeking housing in an active retirement community generally need to be 55 years of age or older. In some facilities, the age requirement is 62 and over. While the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and The Fair Housing Act require at least 80 percent of people housed in these complexes to be at least 55 years of age, there may still be options for other families to qualify for senior apartment living. 




For more information on income-based senior apartments and eligibility for senior housing options, see HUD’s Information for Seniors Citizens.

Are Kids Allowed in Senior Living Apartments?

Some seniors may need to house children in addition to themselves. As mentioned above, a person who does not meet the required age for senior housing cannot reside within senior living facilities or complexes. This rule is usually meant to maintain a calm and less intrusive living environment for senior citizens.




With that being said, some HUD-sponsored senior housing options with a minimum age of 55 can allow children to live in active senior living apartments. Always check with your landlord if children are allowed and what the rules may be while they are visiting.




Find an active senior community in Las Vegas that fits your lifestyle! Contact Ovation Property Management to learn more.

What Are the Different Kinds of Senior Apartments?

The types of apartments for senior living will vary depending on location. Generally, in Las Vegas, several different apartments are available at the market rate or in the luxury price range. Senior living apartments in Las Vegas will generally be:

  • Affordable housing for seniors
  • Market rate senior living apartments
  • Luxury apartments for senior living

How Much Does Senior Apartment Living Cost?

Around Las Vegas, senior living apartments will vary in cost depending on location and apartment availability. The cost is also affected by whether the complex is more of a market-rate price versus the price of a luxury apartment complex.




Incredible apartments for senior living can be found starting from around $800 for an affordable unit to $3,500 for more luxurious apartments. On either end of the spectrum of apartment costs, there are attractive amenities and floorplans in any price range.

How Do I Find Las Vegas Senior Apartments Near Me?

Now comes the exciting part—finding the best senior apartments Las Vegas has to offer! For some of the best luxury and affordable options, you can check out Ovation Property Management. With multiple properties in Las Vegas, Ovation offers different floorplans, amenities for every price range, and comfortable and vibrant communities. 




Senior citizens all around Las Vegas are finding their way into active retirement communities over traditional apartment living. From the financial benefits to all of the luxurious amenities found in Ovation’s properties, it’s difficult to beat the benefits that come with settling into one of our senior living apartments.




Contact Ovation Property Management to learn more about our 55+ active senior apartments today!

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